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The first week in July, 2008, Sweden for the first time ever hosted the World Dog Show.


More than 20,000 dogs from 56 countries were shown in the exhibition halls at Alvsjo in Stockholm. In addition, numerous circuit shows were also arranged, most of them outdoors at Almare Staket, just north of Stockholm.

Thus 146 wheatens were entered at the World Terrier Festival on Wednesday, 159 at the World Wide Wheaten specialty on Thursday and 198 at the World Dog Show on Saturday.


In total, the 503 entries for these three days represented 258 different dogs, definitely making this the largest wheaten happening ever to occur in Sweden and possibly in all of Europe.


Anticipating the possibilities of gathering a large number of wheaten enthusiasts, the Swedish Wheaten Terrier Club therefore decided to arrange an International Breeders' seminar on the 'free' day, i.e. Friday, July 4.


The goal was to provide an overview of the breeding activities in different countries, and to learn more about how breeders and breed clubs act in order to improve for example mentality and physical health of their wheatens.

All bred clubs known to us were contacted in April of 2008, and asked to send a representative who could give an oral 15-minute presentation of the breeding activities in their country.


A list of questions was provided to help speakers focus on the topics targetted by the seminar organizers (click here).

Interest exceeded our wildest expectations, and about one hundred participants from 13 different countries eventually took part in this seminar.


Fortunately, we had been able to borrow roomy localities at the dog insurance company Agria/Länsförsäkringar. This company takes an active interest in the health situation of pure-bred dogs, and has produced data for a study on wheaten health in Sweden, which was printed in the seminar programme.


A total of 10 breed presentations were given by Nicholas White from Ireland, Hilde Nybom from Sweden, Margaret Gray from Australia, Judy Creswick from Great Britain, Karin Bergbom from Finland, Rob Hubner from Netherlands, Vigdis Hartberg from Norway, Natalia Sidorchuk from Russia and Beth Verner from USA.


In addition, Hilde Nybom also made a presentation from Denmark based on information from Bjarne Jakobsen.

Nine of these presentations were accompanied by written handouts and illustrated with powerpoint files. Soon after the seminar, Jennifer Kealy contributed a handout also for Ireland.